Account Manager

This is not a traditional young & no-budget SME job post

In fact, you might have come across so many amazing, outstanding, dynamic small and familial companies that want to change the world. But have you ever wondered at the end of your reading, what makes them so unique and different?

Let me first enlighten you on who we are and what we do at Working in Brussels

We understand that the modern worker generation has different needs, new expectations and a new vision of their work life. The perfect job isn't about a title, a company name or a gross salary package anymore...

Societal evolution is a fact and companies must adapt, give more meaning, work/life balance, the opportunity to develop, learn, grow at your own rhythm and the rhythm of the company, but also a salary package that is more aligned with the reality and trends of our society.

This is the raison d'être of Working in Brussels!

And this is why we created a model that includes the co-living accommodation in the salary package of the people that we employ and that work to our clients. Just like a company car, but here it is a cool accommodation and a real life experience that we offer! Bye to the rent and charges, hello to sunset gin tonics and a happy savings account that grows every month!

You got it? We are the unique “Job + Co-living” Belgian player!

Not interested in accommodation as a benefit in kind? You already have your own place and you are at another stage of your life? In this case, we work like a classic recruitment company and let the magic happen directly between you and our client.

And what about our client? Who are they? What they do? Well, let me tell you their story...

The seeds were sown 22 years ago by two passionate about the entertainment and video games industry. They built a company that evolved over time, from supplier of video games for large distribution, to creating their own brand and physical stores, now counting 19 shops across Belgium, as well as an online playing platform. The young shoot became soon a blooming and solid tree.

This year, they met two ambitious souls : a seasoned manager from a global IT company, and a serial business man. Sharing a strong entrepreneurial drive and believing in the potential of the gaming industry, they decided to unite their forces and give new perspectives to the company.

To set a clear course for success, they designed a new brand identity, are implementing a more structured and organized way to work, are working on label optimization and give a strong accent on e-sport. Through all of this, they want to bring the company to a whole new level.

Today, they are 25 talented professionals focused on creating a real bond with their clients and stakeholders and strenghtening the brand’s positioning in their communities!

They are active in Belgium, have an office in Braine l’Alleud and they count Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Logitec or Funko as strong partners.

What will be your challenge?

You will work in close relationship with the marketing team and with the CEO. As an Account Manager, you will:

Develop impactful and innovative activation plans

Be in charge of budget and P&L

Take an active part in developing and shaping the company’s processes and standards, you have the opportunity to bring your stone to the building!

Onboarding games of partners/developers on the online playing platform including a walkthrough, step-by-step guidance, and showcase of features

Create and enhance solutions to deliver the best experience to end-users

Work day-to-day in close contact with partners/developers (games, platforms, and publishers) on new game releases

Keep track of the crypto and gaming spaces & upcoming trends of the industry

And you, who are you?

This is not the kind of job you learn at school, with such diverse missions you get to wear several hats. But we expect from you to have good negotiation skills and great interpersonal skills, and being confident speaking in public in French, English, and Dutch. We are also convinced that a strong personality & soft skills is what make the magic happen. Either for the relationship you build with your colleagues, but also for the strong ties you create with the partners and stakeholders.

This is why we are looking for a personality:

With an entrepreneurial mindset, resourceful and autonomous

That is data-driven and being able to make analogies between insights

That has a clear vision of what are the priorities, being able to let go of the initial plan and cope with ongoing changes

That is very adaptable and dare to step into uncertainty

With strong empathy and high emotional intelligence, you love connecting with people and understand what drives them and how to communicate with them

That is responsible, accountable, and always kind because we love the magic of collaboration

That is French, English, and Dutch speaking

With a strong passion for the gaming industry! Surprising? I don’t think so…


A unique feeling of accomplishment as you have a direct impact on the company and its development

A start-up environment where you are not a number and things move fast (decisions are taken within hours)

A company culture built on strong values of respect, fun, and diversity and a work environment where agility, ownership and continuous learning are ****key to growth and excellence

The chance to work on exciting and challenging projects in a super promising industry

High responsibility and a lifejacket if you drown

A unique group of colleagues, all there to help

Flexible work hours and possibility to work from home

The recruitment process

How does it work?

We consider the interview process to be nothing more than an alignment exercise. So, let's meet with Lola from Working in Brussels to get to know each other a bit better and see if you could be a fit!

If so, you’ll then meet Julie, HR Consultant, who will give you more details about the company and its challenges.

If it’s a match, you’ll meet one or both of the partners and will then receive an offer.

Apply now! We can't wait to meet you :)