Business Manager — Working in Lyon

Business Manager

Who are we?

We understand that the modern worker generation has different needs, new expectations and a new vision of their work life. We are looking for more meaning, work/life balance, the opportunity to develop, learn, grow but also a salary package that is more aligned with the reality and trends of our society.

This is the raison d'être of Working in Brussels!

And this is why we created a unique model based on co-creation. We combine the recruitment business and the co-living experience:

RECRUITMENT - As provider of services, we help companies find the right talents to support them in their development and we help young workers to find a job that really makes sense for them.

CO-LIVING - We include high-end co-living accommodation in the salary package of the people that we employ and that work to our clients. Just like a company car, but here it is a cool accommodation and a real life experience that we offer to our diverse community!

You got it? We are the unique “Job + Co-living” Belgian player!

Today we are located in Brussels, Lyon, very soon in Paris and our growth calls for the recruitment of our future BUSINESS MANAGER !

In short, your responsibilities will be split in two main poles :

  1. Sales
    • Prospect new clients and spread our existence and awareness in Brussels
    • Conduct client meetings
    • Manage and animate a portfolio of clients focusing on development, loyalty and building strong relationships
  2. Recruitment
    • Participate in client’s briefs for the collection of their needs
    • Write, post and manage job advertisements on the various distribution channels (job boards, website, etc.)
    • Sourcing candidates according to client needs and opportunities
    • Interviews the potential candidates and write candidate reports for clients
    • Identify, prepare and participate in recruitment events (forums, trade shows, etc.)
    • Automate processes and look at digital tools to hack our growth

And what about after? The perspective of evolution?

Let me tell you that sky is the limit!

In our opinion, evolution is set by two factors: your own capacity to learn and develop yourself, and the capacity of the company to grow and expand.

We have ambitions, we see things big, and nothing is ever set in stone. The story still has to be written, and you can have your own verse, craft your own job with the time!

So no, things will not always go smoothly and as planned

No we don’t have a world famous brand (yet, lol)

No we don’t have a super sexy open space with nap rooms, a swimming pool and free organic food for lunch (yet, again)

No it won’t be easy (mmh, probably never)

But yes your learning curve will go steep

Yes you will have a real impact on people’s lives (more than you think)

Yes you will have fun

Yes you will be proud of you!

So this job suits you if :

  • You have the adventurous spirit to join a fast-growing start-up! Routine? Yuk…
  • You are able and willing to adapt to change because you know that learning and progress are made through experimentation
  • You like to "score" and you don't give up! Recruitment is not an exact science so perseverence is key.
  • You have a strong taste for innovation, especially when it makes sense and serves societal and environmental matters!
  • You are known for your strong listening and empathy skills!

Finally, if the words "impact", "commitment", "enthusiasm" and "human-centric" resonate with you and you feel ready to wear them as the founding values of a future collaboration? Then it’s a match!

What can we guarantee to you?

For us, collaboration is above all a question of human adventure! From there, we exchange, we learn, we build, we evolve, we make mistakes, we laugh, we start again but we always try to do better!

Still interested? Send us your CV by e-mail, we will contact you ASAP: