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Pierre Focant

After a corporate career as a CEO and the success of one of the most important Management Buy-Out in Belgium, the idea of creating a project that really makes sense and that answers to the expectations of the new worker generation came to me.

From my experience, I have often faced the talent war that has never ceased to challenge companies. These young gems, who have a totally different vision, expectations, and life approach, inspired me to make this project come true!

Bringing answers in terms of life/work balance and give access to high-end accommodation and to unique life experiences. Promote new factors of differentiation and attractivity for companies and improve loyalty, etc.

So many elements that belong to my own vision and that lead me today to develop Working in Brussels.

Let's have a talk about your project! Pierre.focant@workinginbrussels.com

Lola Mertens

Business development was not a vocation.

I didn’t even know where to start nor how to handle every dimension of a company before entering Working in Brussels.

I caught the travel bug after my high school studies. Took my backpack and traveled around Australia, New Zealand, and Asia for a bit more than a year. This experience changed my life, it opened my mind and made me a citizen of the world!

Back in Belgium, I studied Tourism and Leisure Management and as I thought I found my way, Pierre Focant crossed my path and my life took an unexpected 180° turn.

I have now found the spark I was missing! I love Mondays more than Fridays! I learn, grow, and evolve every single day as a professional.

As a Business Manager, I have a 360° view of the business and I embrace every facet of it. Every day is a challenge, but if I used to hike mountains during my gap year, I am now going to move them!

And you, what's your story? Lola.mertens@workinginbrussels.com



Charlotte Gris

I have spent over 15 years in the Audit & Consulting field, interacting with domestic and international clients. I had the privilege to manage several complex and critical situations, each one having an incredibly enriching and transformative impact.

Attentiveness, assertiveness, reliability, open-mindedness, curiosity, efficiency, appetite for risk, and new challenges have shaped this exciting professional path, which led to my undeniable calling for entrepreneurship!

Deeply fascinated by the unprecedented societal transformations taking place before our eyes, I have challenged myself to work and act for societal issues truly connected to my beliefs and values: humanity, solidarity, and diversity, through the prism of housing and the human experience.

Then, stars aligned! Life brought the opportunity to meet and ultimately partner with Lola & Pierre! Today, I am eager to develop and expand this unique business model in France, starting in my hometown: Lyon!

I am looking forward to meeting and explaining the incredible value Working In Lyon can bring to your company!

How about you, what drives you? charlotte.gris@workinginlyon.com

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